The Neutronium Alchemist Conflict Character Descriptions

Peter F. Hamilton
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Joshua (or Josh) Calvert - This character is the captain of the starship Lady Macbeth.

Alkad Mzu - This character is the scientist who invented the Alchemist super-weapon.

Quinn Dexter - This character is one of the main villains who has managed to regain control of his/her own body.

Ione Saldana, The Lord of Ruin - This character is the ruler of the habitat Tranquillity.

Monica Foulkes - This character is an ESA operative, the External Security Agency, of the Kulu Kingdom.

Samuel - This character is an operative in the Edenist Intelligence Agency, who was assigned to watch a scientist in Tranquillity.

Rubra - This character is the habitat personality and controller of Valisk.

Dariat - This character blames a relative for the death of Anastasia.

Al Capone - This character is a famous gangster that tends to remain in the background, working through his...

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