Objects & Places from The Mountain Between Us

Charles Martin
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The Puzzle

This symbolic object in the novel represents the complications of life and in particular, the brokenness of Ben's life.

The Plane

This symbol and setting in the novel represents tragedy and is the catalyst for the main plot of the narrative.

The Compass

This object in the narrative represents Ben's love for his wife and his path to finding direction on his journey to safety.

The Mountain

This setting in the novel is central and represents despair, death, and the power of nature.

Ashley's Leg

This serves as another symbol of brokenness, but also represents one of the main character's necessary dependence on someone else for survival.

The Mother Moose and Calf

These images in the novel symbolize loss and grief. When Ben encounters this image, he does not regret his choice to kill for survival, but he comes to a deeper connection with his own...

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