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The Fateful Apartment Buildingappears in Fate

This is where Freddie was twice discovered in circumstances that could be interpreted as incriminating.

Bridmouthappears in Tried in the Furnace

This is where Angelica lived.

Bodmin's Hatsappears in The Amazing Hat Mystery

These are reputed to be perfectly tailored.

Freddie Widgeon's Uncle's Tieappears in Noblesse Oblige

This causes a gentleman to mistake Freddie for a former classmate.

Matcham Scratchingsappears in Goodbye to all Cats

This inspires Freddie's hatred for cats.

Monte Carloappears in All's Well with Bingo

This place is replete with opportunities to gamble.

Mitching Hillappears in Uncle Fred Flits By

This is a suburb of London.

Crossword Puzzlesappears in The Truth About George

These are the uniting link between a man and Susan, his love.

Mulliner's Raven Gypsy Face Creamappears in A Slice of Life

This causes the lovely Angela to go into seclusion.

Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppoappears in Mulliner's Buck U-Uppo

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