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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bukowski believe has brought on his illness when he is brought to the hospital?
(a) Working in the hot sun every day as he delivers mail.
(b) Drinking whiskey.
(c) Eating expired meat.
(d) Ignoring the flu.

2. When Bukowski returns to town, what has Cass done to her body that upsets him?
(a) Piercings.
(b) Anorexia.
(c) Burn marks.
(d) Tattoos.

3. What is the name of the bar where Von Brashlitz sets up his sex machine for the men?
(a) Sunset Beach.
(b) Tony's.
(c) Last Call.
(d) Charlie's.

4. When Vicki returns home at the end of "3 Chickens," what does she discover?
(a) Bukowski has overdosed on drugs.
(b) Bukowski is moving out.
(c) Bukowski and Margi are having sex.
(d) Bukowski has prepared dinner for her.

5. What is significant about the way Bukowski intends to prepare the titular "3 Chickens?"
(a) He is going to leave them raw.
(b) He is going to stuff the chickens with psychotropic mushrooms.
(c) He is going to use Vicki's recipe.
(d) He is going to fry them in beer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Life in a Texas Whorehouse," what is Bukowski's original destination upon leaving Los Angeles?

2. Who interrupts Bukowski while he is writing the story of the twelve monkeys?

3. How much money does Bukowski win at the end of "25 Bums in Rags?"

4. What is Borst doing when his house is invaded by friends?

5. Where do Joe and Cherry ultimately end up together at the end of "The Birth, Life and Death of an Underground Newspaper?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Cass drawn to Bukowski?

2. What is Tanya's purpose, according to Von Brashlitz, and why does she rebel?

3. Describe Bukowski's relationship with Vicki.

4. Why does Cass self-mutilate?

5. What are the conditions of the charity ward?

6. Why does Bukowski buy cigarettes for Harry in "Life and Death in the Charity Ward?"

7. How does the marriage of Joe and Cherry reflect the problems with their newspaper?

8. What are Bukowski's feelings about the women at the race track in "Non-Horseshit Horse Advice; and Another Horse Story?"

9. What is the purpose of the Satisfactory Help Agency?

10. Why does Bukowski blame himself for Cass's suicide?

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