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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what holiday party does Henry meet Sarah in "Six Inches?"
(a) New Year's Eve party.
(b) Christmas party.
(c) Easter party.
(d) Halloween party.

2. What job does Bukowski take on temporarily after losing a good sum of money at the track in "25 Bums in Rags?"
(a) Tutoring college students.
(b) Working in a meat packing plant.
(c) Garbage man.
(d) Delivering newspapers.

3. What is the name of Bagley and Danforth's business?
(a) The Satisfactory Help Agency.
(b) Danforth and Co.
(c) B & D's Ultra-Efficiency Corporation.
(d) GWM Agency.

4. What does Danforth convince Bagley would be a good idea after the latter is subjected to their agency's service?
(a) Bagley should watch Danforth have sex with his wife.
(b) Bagley is going to start relinquishing his paycheck to Danforth.
(c) Bagley is going to jump off of a tall building.
(d) Bagley is going to secure prostitutes for Danforth at their office.

5. What do Joe and Cherry Hyans not like about Bukowski in "The Birth, Life and Death of an Underground Newspaper?"
(a) His penchant to date unstable women.
(b) His inability to hold a job.
(c) His drunken behavior.
(d) His gambling addictions.

6. What is Borst doing when his house is invaded by friends?
(a) He is sleeping off a heavy drinking bender.
(b) He is giving someone oral sex.
(c) He is snorting cocaine.
(d) He is hiring a prostitute.

7. According to the police, what must Vicki do at the end of "3 Chickens?"
(a) Leave the city forever.
(b) Increase her monthly protection payments.
(c) Divorce Bukowski.
(d) Press charges against Margi for assault.

8. Who supports Borst's lifestyle?
(a) The government.
(b) His uncle.
(c) His lover.
(d) His mother.

9. What news does Bukowski receive at the end of "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town?"
(a) Cass has committed suicide.
(b) Cass has been hit by a car.
(c) Cass is pregnant.
(d) Cass has left him for another man.

10. What does Bukowski believe has brought on his illness when he is brought to the hospital?
(a) Eating expired meat.
(b) Working in the hot sun every day as he delivers mail.
(c) Ignoring the flu.
(d) Drinking whiskey.

11. To what is Sarah extremely opposed in "Six Inches?"
(a) Pre-marital sex.
(b) Population growth.
(c) Birth control.
(d) Out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

12. At the beginning of "3 Women," what happens to the tenant upstairs?
(a) He gets married.
(b) He is dumped by his girlfriend.
(c) He is robbed and murdered.
(d) He jumps to his death.

13. According to Bukowski, when is the only time one should bet on a closer during a horse race?
(a) Long races.
(b) When the jockey is substituted.
(c) When the lead horse falls behind.
(d) Short races.

14. What does the narrator do with the sex model Von Brashlitz sends him at the end of the story?
(a) He shreds it.
(b) He begins to act as if it is Tanya.
(c) He gives it to the eager gas station attendant.
(d) He burns it.

15. Who is Sanchez?
(a) Bukowski's poet friend.
(b) Bukowski's neighbor.
(c) Bukowski's lover's brother.
(d) Bukowski's coworker at the meat-packing plant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bukowski witness in Texas as a result of someone insulting the state?

2. Where do Joe and Cherry ultimately end up together at the end of "The Birth, Life and Death of an Underground Newspaper?"

3. How does the bartender in "The Most Beautiful Woman in Town" react to Cass's public body piercing?

4. Why is Joe unable to commit suicide after his paper folds?

5. What service does Danforth provide with his agency in "The Gut-Wringing Machine?"

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