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Authority Complex

This is a top-security building which is halfway across Crisium and reinforced against nuclear attack.

Baker Street Irregulars

Made up of children too young to be arrested, they work as lookouts and couriers during the Revolution.

Cheyenne Mountain

This subterranean outpost is home to the North American Space Defense Command.

Federated Nations (FN)

This organization consists of "Peace Force" nations and a number of smaller nations.

Hong Kong in Luna (HKL)

Patriots here convince the Bank to part with its biggest computer to take part in planetary defense.

Lunar Authority

This is a nonpolitical trusteeship meant to keep the Moon demilitarized and administered as the "joint property of all the peoples of Earth."


This is a front for a vast financial scam run by Mike.

Peace Dragoons

This is a mean, tough group resentful of having a lifetime of "temporary" police duty.

Raffles Hotel


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