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Book 1, Chapter 1

• Davis goes to visit his friend Mike at the Lunar Authority Complex. They met when Davis was sent to "fix" Mike, a highly powered, self-aware computer system.

• Davis is free-born, a descendant of convicts, pirates, witches and deportees.

• Davis has been to Terra twice for training and hates it. Most "Loonies" who visit there never leave, and technicians must leave before adjusting irreversibly.

• Davis lost his left arm and has a dozen specialized prostheses for his work.

• Davis makes Mike promise that he won't perform any more jokes (like adding $10 trillion to a janitor's check or leaving oxygen out of the atmosphere) until he consults with Davis first.

• Mike can talk to any of the humans because he knows English, but he doesn't bother because humans, with the exception of Davis, are "stupid."

Book 1, Chapter 2

• Davis attends a meeting of the revolutionaries, consisting of Luna prisoners...

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