The Memory Keeper's Daughter Short Essay - Answer Key

Kim Edwards
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1. How did David and Norah meet?

David and Norah met in a department store. David noticed her and pretended to shop so that he could have an excuse to meet her. He bought a robe that he said was for his sister, even though his sister had been dead for 10 years.

2. Why did David choose his profession?

David chose to be a doctor because he wanted to be more successful and make more money than his parents. He chose to work with bones as his specialty because they are always stable and sound.

3. What happens unexpectedly when Norah gives birth?

While giving birth, Norah unexpectedly has twins. There is a second baby born after the first perfect son, but she has Down's Syndrome.

4. What does David do after Norah gives birth, and why?

When Norah unexpectedly gives birth to a second child who has a deformity, David tells Caroline, the nurse, to take the child to a facility that cares for retarded children. He then tells Norah that she gave birth to twins, but the daughter was a still-born.

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