Objects & Places from The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Kim Edwards
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Down's Syndrome

This is a form of retardation that is marked by almond-shaped, slightly slanted eyes, stubby limbs and digits, and a somewhat flattened face.

Blue Baby

This is a term used for a stillborn child who never draws a breath.

Lexington, Kentucky

This is the home of David and Norah Henry, and the birthplace of Paul Henry.

Fraternal Twins

This occurs when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm; the babies are not identical.

Versailles, Kentucky

This is the small town where Caroline became stranded with the newborn Phoebe, and was rescued by Al Simpson.

Sewing Circle

This is a group of women who get together regularly to make items and share friendship.

Louisville, Kentucky

This is the town where Caroline is asked to drop Phoebe when she is born.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Caroline Gill took Phoebe and moved here.

River Confluence

David Henry almost ended his life...

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