The Memory Keeper's Daughter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kim Edwards
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Pages 3 - 20

• David and Norah are snuggling on their couch watching the snow fall and talking about the baby they are expecting.

• David remembers meeting Norah in a department store. He pretended to bu a robe for his sister (who was dead) so he could talk to her.

• They were married 3 months later. They have now been married a year when Norah goes into labor.

• They get to the doctor's office to find that the OB can't make it because of the weather. David, and osteopath, delivers the baby.
• Norah gives birth to two children unexpectedly. David sees that the second child has Down's Syndrome.

• He gives the baby to Caroline, the nurse, and tells her to take the baby to a facility that cares for retarded children.

• David then tells Norah that her second and unexpected child died.

• David's sister died of a heart defect. It was...

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