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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the man make the puppet do?
(a) Carry a letter.
(b) Look like the puppet is searching for someone.
(c) Faint.
(d) Look like the puppet is about to discover something really big.

2. How does Kinshi get out of his chores?
(a) He says he needs to practice.
(b) He says he is sick.
(c) He volunteers to go to market.
(d) He volunteers to deliver an invitation from Yoshida.

3. What does Hanji give Jiro?
(a) His fireman's coat.
(b) A bandana.
(c) A note from Okada.
(d) Some money.

4. What does Mochida say when he grabs Jiro?
(a) He is needed to play Kenshi's role.
(b) Kenshi needs him at the river.
(c) His father is outside in the courtyard.
(d) Yoshida wants to speak to him.

5. Where does Kinshi say it is forbidden to go?
(a) In the cellar.
(b) In the upstairs storehouse.
(c) In the stable's loft.
(d) In the attic.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the play doing as Spring rolls around?

2. What does Jiro say to Mochida's question?

3. What is pinned to the door?

4. What is Jiro shocked when the play opens that night?

5. What does Jiro agree to do after the last performance of the day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jiro find when he goes into the storeroom and what happens as he trying to decide what to do?

2. What wakes Jiro in the night and what is the outcome?

3. What happens in the theater when the play is over and how does the assistant magistrate react?

4. What does Jiro beg Kinshi to do and what is Kinshi's reply?

5. How does Yoshida react when his play is shut down and what does he decide to do?

6. What does Jiro think about concerning arranging a meeting with Saburo?

7. What does the assistant magistrate first tell Yoshida and what does the assistant magistrate later say?

8. What happens when the boys are sewing and practicing later that night and how does Yoshida react?

9. How does Kinshi get out of his chores and what do the other boys do?

10. What does Jiro conclude after seeing the Samurai sword?

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