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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jiro say to Yoshida?
(a) That Jiro is the new apprentice.
(b) That Kenshi is a wonderful son.
(c) That Jiro will work very hard.
(d) That Jiro can make puppets.

2. What tells Yoshida tell Jiro to do?
(a) Get ready for the performance.
(b) To go home.
(c) To watch the play once to understand the plot.
(d) To sit in the corner quietly until after the performance.

3. What does Jiro ask Mochida?
(a) For permission to check on his father.
(b) For a short letter of introduction.
(c) For help with a puppet Jiro is making.
(d) For more work.

4. What is Teiji's problem?
(a) He has a tic in his face.
(b) He has several fingers missing.
(c) He stutters.
(d) He limps from a club foot.

5. With whom does Yoshida find fault when he watches the boys' practice?
(a) Minoru.
(b) Jiro.
(c) Kinshi.
(d) Wada.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jiro worry about his decision?

2. What is Mochida's response to Jiro's question?

3. What does Jiro offer to do for Kenshi?

4. What does the visitor to the theater bring?

5. How does Jiro do in his part of the play?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jiro make mistakes and how does his mother react?

2. How do some of the attendees feel about the resemblance of Joman to Saburo?

3. What play does Okada finish and what do the apprentices worry about concerning the new play?

4. What does Jiro admire about one of Yoshida's apprentices?

5. Who does Jiro find at the house when he gets home and what does Jiro learn from him?

6. Where does Jiro and his father sell their puppets?

7. What does Jiro offer to about the new play and what is the outcome?

8. What does Jiro decide to do and why does he make this decision?

9. What do Jiro and Kinshi think of Yoshida's performance?

10. How does Kinshi perform when he takes over for Kwada one day?

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