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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mochida's response to Jiro's question?
(a) Jiro may visit Hanji.
(b) Jiro has to work longer for a recommendation.
(c) There is no more work.
(d) The puppet is unbalanced.

2. Who is Saburo?
(a) The mayor of the village.
(b) A blacksmith.
(c) A notorious bandit.
(d) The medicine man of the village.

3. What does Kinshi say he did the last time there was a new play?
(a) Changed some of the lines.
(b) Suggested some new puppets for it.
(c) Memorized all the lines.
(d) Stole Yoshida's personal copy.

4. What does Kinshi say the left-hand operators will do?
(a) Try to mess up Jiro on his first day.
(b) Pull the curtain while Jiro drops the set.
(c) Nod when it's time to pull the curtain.
(d) Move the puppets towards the center of the stage.

5. Who is Kinshi?
(a) The son of Saburo.
(b) The blacksmith's son.
(c) A beggar boy Jiro meets at the blacksmith's stable.
(d) The boy Jiro saw being disciplined.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the person who calls him selfish say will be the result of Jiro joining the theater?

2. Who wrote the play, "The Thief of the Tokaido"?

3. What does Jiro do the next morning after speaking to Mochida?

4. What does Jiro ask Mochida?

5. Where does Jiro visit Okada?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the basic plot of the play?

2. What play does Okada finish and what do the apprentices worry about concerning the new play?

3. Where does Jiro and his father sell their puppets?

4. How do some of the attendees feel about the resemblance of Joman to Saburo?

5. How is Jiro's family getting along?

6. What does Jiro decide to do and why does he make this decision?

7. Where do Jiro and his father go and spend their money, and who do they talk to there?

8. Who are the other apprentices?

9. What does Kinshi steal for a celebration and what happens?

10. How does Jiro practice puppeteering skills?

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