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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Hanji?
(a) Jiro's father.
(b) Jiro's brother.
(c) Jiro's grandmother.
(d) Jiro's sister.

2. How does Okada react to Jiro's request?
(a) He says he cannot release him.
(b) He says he will send someone to find out about Hinji.
(c) He laughs and gives him a copy.
(d) He refuses to give Jiro a copy.

3. What is said about Yoshida?
(a) He has an audience with the Shogun.
(b) He is sick.
(c) He is retiring and handing over the theater to Okada.
(d) He is sending his son to work for the Shogun.

4. What is happening when Jiro gets to the theater?
(a) Officials are trying to make Yoshida pay more taxes.
(b) There is a small fire.
(c) The sets are being changed.
(d) A performance is in progress.

5. What does Kinshi steal to celebrate?
(a) Cheese.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Wine.
(d) Some fireworks.

6. What does Jiro ask Mochida?
(a) For a short letter of introduction.
(b) For permission to check on his father.
(c) For more work.
(d) For help with a puppet Jiro is making.

7. How is Wada described?
(a) Thin and quick.
(b) Very smart.
(c) Humorous.
(d) Ugly and fat.

8. What is wrong with Hanji?
(a) He broke his hip.
(b) He had a heart attack.
(c) He had a stroke.
(d) He has bad lungs.

9. What happens to Jiro's mother when she goes to the shrine to get food?
(a) Nothing.
(b) She is attacked on the way home.
(c) She is killed.
(d) She is given work in the Shogun's house.

10. What is Teiji's problem?
(a) He stutters.
(b) He has several fingers missing.
(c) He has a tic in his face.
(d) He limps from a club foot.

11. Who comes to the theater the next morning?
(a) Jiro's youngest brother.
(b) Hanji.
(c) Saburo.
(d) Isako.

12. Why does Fusamu go into fits of shrieking?
(a) To pretend her mother has died.
(b) A bandit accidentally kills her cat.
(c) Her brother is killed by one of the bandits.
(d) Her dog is killed by one of the soldiers.

13. What does Isako not let Jiro do?
(a) Come home.
(b) Walk her out of the theater.
(c) Explain his reasons.
(d) Talk to Hanji.

14. What is the Hanaza?
(a) The puppet theater.
(b) The outdoor meeting place.
(c) The outdoor craft fair.
(d) The community dining hall.

15. Who is Yoshida?
(a) Jiro's uncle.
(b) The master puppeteer.
(c) A master potter.
(d) Jiro's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jiro do to prepare for his part in the new production?

2. About what has Yoshida just sent word?

3. What does Kinshi say the left-hand operators will do?

4. To whom does Jiro apprentice himself?

5. With whom does Yoshida find fault when he watches the boys' practice?

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