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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jiro admire about the boy who is disciplined?
(a) He knew what to do for the master.
(b) He found another way to move.
(c) He intimitdated another boy.
(d) He does not cry out.

2. Who saves Jiro from a ronin?
(a) Yoshida.
(b) Hanji.
(c) Kenshi.
(d) Jiro saves himself.

3. What does the visitor to the theater bring?
(a) A note from Jiro's grandfather.
(b) Jiro's sleeping quilts.
(c) A letter of demands.
(d) Money.

4. With whom does Yoshida find fault when he watches the boys' practice?
(a) Minoru.
(b) Jiro.
(c) Kinshi.
(d) Wada.

5. In what disguise do Saburo and his crew pull off the robbery?
(a) As sailors.
(b) As Komuso monks.
(c) As peasant farmers.
(d) As soldiers.

6. What is the situation in this country during this time?
(a) A civil war.
(b) A famine.
(c) A drought.
(d) A religious upheaval.

7. What does Jiro hope about his father?
(a) He will come to the performance.
(b) He will recover from his bad fall.
(c) He will get a job with Yoshida also.
(d) He will let Jiro come back home.

8. What is the Hanaza?
(a) The puppet theater.
(b) The community dining hall.
(c) The outdoor craft fair.
(d) The outdoor meeting place.

9. Who is Kinshi?
(a) A beggar boy Jiro meets at the blacksmith's stable.
(b) The son of Saburo.
(c) The blacksmith's son.
(d) The boy Jiro saw being disciplined.

10. How is Jiro feeling?
(a) Rebellious.
(b) Sad.
(c) Happy.
(d) Hungry.

11. What does Jiro decide to do?
(a) Go offer himself as an apprentice to Yoshidaq.
(b) Apprentice himself to the blacksmith.
(c) Go to the big city to find work.
(d) Work a small plot of land near the forest.

12. Where are Hanji and Isako?
(a) Jiro's grandfather's place in the capitol.
(b) Jiro's cousin's farm.
(c) The big city.
(d) Jiro does not find out.

13. What is Jiro helping his father do?
(a) Sow rice seeds.
(b) Shear sheep.
(c) Gather eggs.
(d) Make a new puppet.

14. Who is Taro?
(a) Jiro's cousin.
(b) The mean grain merchant.
(c) Jiro's neighbor.
(d) Another puppet apprentice.

15. Who wears baskets on their heads?
(a) Fishmongers.
(b) The wives of the merchant class.
(c) The wives of the peasant class.
(d) Komuso monks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isako not let Jiro do?

2. What does Jiro decide to do on the New Year instead of celebrating with the others?

3. Why is Jiro worried about his new duty?

4. What is one reason Jiro has decided to do what he does?

5. What does Jiro do that is rude?

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