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Chapters 1-2, 'Son of Hanji' and 'The Feast'

• Jiro helps his father make puppets and though there is a famine they are better off than many.

• They can still make some money selling puppets but Jiro is still very hungry and keeps making mistakes.

• Jiro's mother is very frustrated with him. He and his father decide to use the last of their money visiting the bathhouse.

• There they talk with another man about a rich merchant who was robbed by the notorious bandit Saburo.
• Jiro and his father go to sell a puppet to Yoshida, the master puppeteer at the Hanaza, a puppet theater.

• Inside, Yoshida is beating one of the boys for moving a puppet's feet when they were supposed to be still.

• Yoshida offers food and Hanji, Jiro's father refuses but Jiro is too hungry to follow social etiquette. He accepts the food.

• Although Jiro's rude...

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