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Short Answer Questions

1. Which Middle Eastern political group does Sharif oppose?

2. Which characters prepare Anna on her "Henna Day"?

3. What stipulation does Lord Cromer want to place on Sharif and Anna's marriage?

4. What advice does Umm Aya give Isabel in "A Beginning of an End"?

5. What do Sharif and his uncle intend to establish for their community?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Layla, what has been the net result of the political strife in Egypt?

2. How does Anna's life change after Sharif's death?

3. How does Cromer react to Anna's decision to marry Sharif?

4. How does Tareq offer to help Amal in Chapter 21?

5. How does Amal honor her ancestors once her research is complete?

6. How does Tareq help Amal and the fellaheen in Chapter 26?

7. How does the Zionist movement affect the Egyptian characters in the book?

8. How does Amal react to Isabel's story about her experience at the shrine?

9. Why is Sharif offended by the carriage driver in Chapter 23?

10. Why does Amal fear for 'Omar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the rise of Zionism in the early 20th century and how it affects the characters in the novel. What fears do Sharif and his contemporaries have about the Zionist movement? How does history confirm or negate those fears? How does Zionism affect the distribution of Sharif's descendants, and ultimately, their cultural heritage?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Anna and Amal. What aspects of Anna are evident in Amal before she reads the journals? How does Amal's research into Anna's life affect her character?

Essay Topic 3

Compare Anna's kidnapping to modern day terrorism activities. What purpose do the kidnappers feel Anna's capture might serve? How does this compare to the purposes of the terrorist bombers in modern day Luxor? What is Sharif's view of kidnapping and terrorism? Are his prophecies valid for the Arabic world in the late 20th century?

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