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Short Answer Questions

1. Which character does Anna meet the day after her wedding?

2. What memento from Anna's wedding does Abdu find in the trunk?

3. What does Anna miss about the desert in Chapter 17?

4. Why does Anna wish to leave Egypt in Chapter 17?

5. Which character asks the question, "How can one arrive at the planet Souad?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Anna consider returning to England in Chapter 17?

2. Why does Amal long to be with Anna after the bombing at the Mugama' Building?

3. How does Sharif's motivation and behavior change by Chapter 29?

4. According to Layla, what has been the net result of the political strife in Egypt?

5. Why did Ibrahim Nassif al-Wardani assassinate Prime Minister Ghali?

6. What fear does Sharif have for Nur's future?

7. What atrocity begins with the death of a few pigeons?

8. What is the subject of "'Al-Mar'ah al-Jadidah"?

9. Why does Anna decide to remain in Egypt?

10. Describe Isabel's experience in the shrine.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how the romantic triangle between Jasmine, 'Omar, and Isabel affects each character's development. What alerts 'Omar to the possibility of incest? What emotional and social repercussions may arise from his affair with both women? By the end of the novel, how is Little Sharif's heritage established?

Essay Topic 2

How do Amal and 'Omar separate from their Egyptian heritage? What motivates each character to leave Egypt? What motivates each character to reconnect with his or her Egyptian roots? What changes do Amal and 'Omar make to their lives as a result of Amal's research into Anna's life?

Essay Topic 3

How does Egyptian culture affect Anna throughout the novel? What adaptations does Anna have to make while traveling through Egypt? How does the religious and political climate of Egypt differ from Anna's traditional British upbringing? What British traditions and customs does Anna have to change when she becomes an Egyptian wife?

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