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Lesson 1 (from "A Beginning" | Chapter 1)


"A Beginning" | Chapter 1

Isabel Parkman brings a leather trunk that once belonged to her great-grandmother, Anna Winterbourne, to Amal al-Ghamrawi in Cairo. Amal is pleasantly surprised to find that Isabel doesn't mention the expected usual Western criticisms of Islam. The objective of this lesson is to establish the differences in culture between Isabel and Amal.


1. As a class, discuss Isabel's introduction to Amal. How does Isabel decide to choose Amal as her translator? What other purpose does Isabel have for being in Egypt? What preconceived notions does Amal have about Isabel's attitude towards Arabs? Does Isabel appear to have any preconceived notions about Amal? Which character appears to be more open-minded about differing cultures, and why?

2. Have each student write a paragraph about how Isabel's experiences with 'Omar might have prepared her to meet Amal. What other aspects of Isabel's character prove that she is...

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