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Clash of Culture

What differences arise due to culture in the novel? In two columns, make a list of the obvious differences between English and Egyptian culture. Make a second list of the similarities between the cultures. How could the characters in the novel use their similarities to build healthy relationships?

Character Wordfind

There are 50 characters you can use in this novel to create a HUGE Wordfind for your classmates to solve, many with unique spellings. When creating your wordfind, remove all symbols (dashes, apostrophes, etc.) from the names in the wordfind itself, but list the names correctly in a word box at the bottom of the page.

Downtown Crossword

Create a crossword puzzle using the names of countries, towns, and cities from the novel. Remove all symbols (dashes, apostrophes, etc.) from the box count in the crossword itself. Write clues for your answers with information from the...

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