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Essay Topic 1

How do the contents of Isabel's trunk affect the lives of those who read her journals? How do Anna's documents clarify both Isabel and Anna's heritage? What questions or problems do Anna's documents raise for Isabel and Anna?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Anna and Amal. What aspects of Anna are evident in Amal before she reads the journals? How does Amal's research into Anna's life affect her character?

Essay Topic 3

Compare Anna's marriage to Edward with her marriage to Sharif. Describe the type of relationship each man has with Anna during each marriage, including each couple's communication skills, physical attraction, and emotional support. How much is Anna involved in each man's business affairs?

Essay Topic 4

How does Anna cope with the loss of each husband? Describe Anna's emotional state after Edward's death. How does she cope with his loss? Describe Anna's emotional state after Sharif's...

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