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Anna Winterbourne (1872-1933)

This English character is shunned by society for marrying an Egyptian.

Sharif Basha al-Baroudi (1856-1911)

This Egyptian political activist marries a foreigner.

Layla al-Baroudi (1874-1937)

This character keeps a journal that provides a secondary viewpoint on most of the events in the novel.

Amal al-Ghamrawi (b. 1952)

This character is the narrator of the novel.

Isabel Cabot Parkman (b. 1962)

This character finds an old trunk in New York which contains English and Arabic letters, journals, and memorabilia.

Omar A. al-Ghamrawi (b. 1942)

This handsome older character may have had an affair with his daughter.

Sheikh Muhammad 'Abdu

This character becomes the Mufti and Grand Imam of Egypt.

Ya'qub Artin

This Christian character is rather tongue-in-cheek about the Muslim culture wars.

Jalila al-'Asali

This Palestinian character dances at a wedding.

Shukri Bey al-'Asali

This character is hung by the Turks in 1915 for taking part in the Arab Revolution...

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