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"A Beginning" | Chapter 1

• While in Cairo in April of 1997, Amal dreams of visiting her great-uncle Sharif's house.

• Isabel brings Amal a trunk that once belonged to Isabel's great-grandmother, Anna.

• Amal begins to read Anna's journals that have been stored in the trunk.

• Amal reads that Anna is unhappy with her distant husband, Edward.

• Anna expresses her love for her father-in-law, Sir Charles.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• Isabel reveals that she is attracted to 'Omar.

• The reader learns that Isabel's father named her after the Egyptian goddess Isis.

• Isabel plans to study reactions to the millennium in Egypt.

• Amal reads in Anna's brown journal about her last days with Edward.

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

• Anna and Lady Caroline Burke visit in Rome.

• Isabel announces that her mother is dying.

• Amal begins to identify with Anna's character as she reads the journals.

• As Isabel discusses 'Omar with her mother, Jasmine suddenly recalls a love...

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