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Short Answer Questions

1. The people wish that there were a living generation to experience what, according to Chapter 108?

2. What do Ulrich and Arnheim decide regarding Moosbrugger in Chapter 121?

3. What does Arnheim do for the first time in Chapter 116?

4. How does Ulrich feel about Clarisse?

5. What is Diotima's reaction when Ulrich discusses the relationship between herself and Arnheim in Chapter 101?

Short Essay Questions

1. What changes in Chapter 117 for Rachel?

2. What is said about the Kakanians in Chapter 108?

3. What happens between Rachel and Soliman in Chapter 104?

4. What do Diotima and Ulrich discuss in Chapter 101?

5. What happens to Bonadea in Chapter 115?

6. What does Gerda do with the information she gains in Chapter 119, and why?

7. What is happening politically in Chapter 120?

8. What comparison does General Stumm make between libraries and warfare in Chapter 100?

9. Who is Bonadea, and what is her history with Ulrich?

10. What do Ulrich and Arnheim say about Moosbrugger in Chapter 121?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ulrich and Diotima have several discussions regarding personality and its repression. What happens when an individual's personality or parts of it is repressed? Why does Ulrich suppress parts of his personality? What effect has it had on him as a person, and why? Why do he and Diotima have such different views on this topic?

Essay Topic 2

Arnheim, Ulrich, and others all have different attitudes toward material wealth and what it means. Why is the significance of wealth so subjective? Why do rich and poor have different attitudes toward it? How does Arnheim's attitude toward wealth differ as a result of being born into a family with money, and why? Do you think our attitudes toward wealth in modern society are different from when the book was written?

Essay Topic 3

The author states that the importance of a book is judged by its sales. Do you agree? What does he mean by a book's "importance"? Does a book have an inherent value that is separate from its economic value? If so, how should that value be measured? Is this situation different now than it was when this book was written?

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