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Short Answer Questions

1. When Moosbrugger's trial reached the courts, what type of issue did it become?

2. Where are Rachel and Soliman in Chapter 104?

3. What societal problem is present in the novel for the first time in Chapter 120?

4. What happens between Gerda and Ulrich in Chapter 119?

5. What point of view does the author use in Chapter 119 to relate the thoughts and feelings of Ulrich and Gerda?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Bonadea, and what is her history with Ulrich?

2. What does Gerda do with the information she gains in Chapter 119, and why?

3. What is the concept of "diminished responsibility" as outlined in Chapter 111?

4. What is revealed about Arnheim in Chapter 116?

5. Who does Ulrich encounter in Chapter 122, and how does he respond?

6. What is happening politically in Chapter 120?

7. What concept does Arnheim contemplate in Chapter 106, and how does he feel about it?

8. What information does Gerda gain in Chapter 119, and how?

9. How do outsiders relate to Moosbrugger, and why are they interested in him, according to the information presented in Chapter 110?

10. What is the status of Diotima and Arnheim's relationship in Chapter 105?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

All of the main characters are involved in politics on some level. What does the Collateral Campaign do? What is its goal? What is the difference between practical and ideological politics? Which is more useful, and why? What are some of the major political issues at hand, and how do the main characters feel about them? What is each character's role in influencing politics on a local and national level?

Essay Topic 2

Ulrich's destination at the end of the novel is not revealed. Why did the author choose to end the novel this way? How do you, as a reader, feel about this ending, and why? In literary terms, was this ending effective? What point is the author trying to make with this ending?

Essay Topic 3

Ulrich's relationship with Gerda is a strange one. How do they feel about one another? Why have they never been intimate? Why do they feel sometimes as if they ought to be intimate with one another? What happens when they try to take their relationship to that level, and why? How do other people view their relationship with one another?

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