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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, what would have been the best course of action for Arnheim in Chapter 86?

2. What is the collective title for Arnheim and Diotima's activities?

3. What is Leo's reaction to the topic Ulrich introduces in Chapter 73?

4. One of the Count's acquaintances is mentioned in Chapter 84 as supporting what type of establishment?

5. According to the author in Chapter 85, how does Nature create unity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What point does the author make in Chapter 88 about the value of books?

2. What is Diotima's psychological situation in Chapter 94?

3. Who is Count Leinsdorf, and how is he described in Chapter 76?

4. What information is given about Gerda in Chapter 73?

5. According to the narrator in Chapter 92, why is Arnheim different from many rich people?

6. What does Clarisse realize about the "man without qualities" in Chapter 97?

7. What theory does Ulrich develop in Chapter 91?

8. What is the author's digression in relation to the forces of nature in Chapter 75?

9. What was the course of the General's career development as outlined in Chapter 80?

10. What is revealed about Georg in Chapter 97?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Soliman and Rachel are in a similar position, yet they handle themselves very differently. How do Rachel and Soliman's attitudes toward their employers and their situations differ, and why? How does Soliman influence Rachel? What message is the author trying to convey through these two characters?

Essay Topic 2

Ulrich's relationship with Gerda is a strange one. How do they feel about one another? Why have they never been intimate? Why do they feel sometimes as if they ought to be intimate with one another? What happens when they try to take their relationship to that level, and why? How do other people view their relationship with one another?

Essay Topic 3

At several points in the novel, the author refers to the relationship between humans and nature, which have a profound impact on one another. What impact does man have on nature? And nature on man? Has this relationship changed, since the novel was written? If so, how? Do you think the author would have had the same attitude if he had lived during our time?

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