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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the topic of the letter that Clarisse wrote to Count Leinsdorf in Chapter 82?

2. What artistic movement was often criticized by Diotima's group?

3. What example does the author use in Chapter 74 to describe the power of natural forces?

4. What does Arnheim end up doing in Chapter 86?

5. Of what nationality is Arnheim?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator say about children and servants in Chapter 113?

2. Who does Ulrich encounter in Chapter 122, and how does he respond?

3. What situation regarding an invitation develops in Chapter 80?

4. What information is given by the General in Chapter 116?

5. What is the author's digression in relation to the forces of nature in Chapter 75?

6. What does the author say in Chapter 77 about losing one's sense of reality?

7. How do outsiders relate to Moosbrugger, and why are they interested in him, according to the information presented in Chapter 110?

8. What happens between Rachel and Soliman in Chapter 104?

9. What information is given about Gerda in Chapter 73?

10. Who is Aunt Jane, and what is her history as outlined in Chapter 99?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Nationality is an important concept in this novel. Several characters are identified by their nationality, and all of the characters have a strong sense of patriotic pride. Why is nationality so important? Which characters feel the strongest regarding their nationalities? Would contemporary readers have shared this strong sense of national pride? Is this something that has changed between the time the novel was written and now?

Essay Topic 2

Arnheim, Ulrich, and others all have different attitudes toward material wealth and what it means. Why is the significance of wealth so subjective? Why do rich and poor have different attitudes toward it? How does Arnheim's attitude toward wealth differ as a result of being born into a family with money, and why? Do you think our attitudes toward wealth in modern society are different from when the book was written?

Essay Topic 3

Ulrich is described by Clarisse in terms of the novel's title. He is the "man without qualities." What does Clarisse mean by this? Why is Ulrich described this way? Is it possible for someone to be completely without qualities? Do you agree with this description of Ulrich?

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