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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arnheim is revealed in Chapter 116 to be acting as what?
(a) An informal spy.
(b) A reservist soldier.
(c) A representative for a much larger corporation.
(d) A combat tactician.

2. How does Ulrich respond during the demonstrations in Chapter 120?
(a) He tries to calm the crowd.
(b) He watches from a distance.
(c) He stands to defend the person they are protesting.
(d) He gets involved in the protest.

3. How does Ulrich respond to Arnheim's offer in Chapter 121?
(a) He declines because he is suspicious of Arnheim's motives.
(b) He accepts, but only because he feels obligated to.
(c) He declines because it is not really in his best interests.
(d) He accepts and is excited and grateful to Arnheim.

4. What idea does Ulrich have regarding life in Chapter 120?
(a) A person can do well in their life, but for that to happen they must give up a degree of control.
(b) It is nearly impossible for a person to succeed in life because the odds are against them.
(c) Most people don't know how to succeed, which is why they fail.
(d) It is only possible to succeed in life if you maintain as much control over your life as possible.

5. What two things does the General compare when talking to Ulrich in Chapter 100?
(a) Politics and school.
(b) Warfare and libraries.
(c) Warfare and politics.
(d) Schools and libraries.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ulrich feel about Clarisse?

2. Why does Bonadea take an interest in Moosbrugger's welfare in Chapter 115?

3. What surfaces during a heated argument between Walter and Clarisse in Chapter 118?

4. How does Bonadea feel about her husband?

5. What type of person is Ulrich in terms of his relationships?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed about Arnheim in Chapter 116?

2. What information is presented in Chapter 102 regarding Hans Sepp?

3. What do Walter and Clarisse fight about in Chapter 118?

4. What idea does Ulrich have at the end of Chapter 120?

5. What is happening politically in Chapter 120?

6. What does Gerda do with the information she gains in Chapter 119, and why?

7. What changes in Chapter 117 for Rachel?

8. What is said about the Kakanians in Chapter 108?

9. Who does Ulrich encounter in Chapter 122, and how does he respond?

10. What happens between Ulrich and Gerda in Chapter 119?

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