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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 85, the General expresses to Ulrich his disappointment in what?
(a) The recent lack of advancement in his career.
(b) Ulrich's close association with the Count.
(c) Ulrich's choice of a wife.
(d) Diotima's affection for Arnheim.

2. What question does Ulrich ask regarding Gerda's upcoming marriage in Chapter 73?
(a) Whether her fiance has much of a future.
(b) What she hopes to gain from her union.
(c) Why she is getting married so young.
(d) Whether they think she will be happy.

3. What is the Count's major source of wealth?
(a) Slave labor.
(b) An inheritance.
(c) Stocks and bonds.
(d) Land ownership.

4. According to the information given in Chapter 96, what creates a calm temperament?
(a) Two different tendencies, which peacefully coexist.
(b) One tendency, which is peaceful because it has no competition.
(c) One tendency, which is peaceful because it doesn't know anything else.
(d) Two different tendencies, which are constantly battling but are evenly matched.

5. Why are rich people often troubled by other peoples' reaction to their wealth?
(a) They believe others should work for their money, not ask rich people to give it to them.
(b) They don't understand the emphasis placed on material wealth by poor people.
(c) They don't want other people to take advantage of them and steal their money.
(d) They want to be valued for reasons other than their wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What important concept is introduced in Chapter 99?

2. Which individual is mentioned as being one of the author's influences in Chapter 91?

3. What is one of the main ideas brought into Diotima's circle of intellectuals in Chapter 89?

4. How did Diotima feel when the individual who received the invitation in Chapter 80 arrived at her home?

5. One of the Count's acquaintances is mentioned in Chapter 84 as supporting what type of establishment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference in the way rich people and poor people view wealth, according to the narrator's statements in Chapter 92?

2. What are some of the ideological debates going on in the Collateral Campaign in Chapter 89?

3. According to the narrator in Chapter 92, why is Arnheim different from many rich people?

4. How did Moosbrugger plead on the several occasions that he went before the judges as outlined in Chapter 86?

5. What is Ulrich's relationship with Count Leinsdorf in Chapter 81?

6. How is the relationship between Diotima and Arnheim described in Chapter 93?

7. Who is Count Leinsdorf, and how is he described in Chapter 76?

8. Who is Goethe, and how does Arnheim feel about him as described in Chapter 96?

9. How did Soliman meet Rachel?

10. What do Ulrich and Gerda's parents talk about in Chapter 73?

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