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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, what would have been the best course of action for Arnheim in Chapter 86?
(a) To make it clear to the General that he was Diotima's first choice.
(b) To maintain only a casual acquaintance with Diotima.
(c) To stop visiting Diotima and stay away from her.
(d) To choose not to involve himself in Diotima's acquaintance with the General.

2. Who is Count Leinsdorf?
(a) An acquaintance of Leo and Klementine.
(b) Gerda's brother-in-law.
(c) One of Diotima's best friends.
(d) Ulrich's uncle.

3. What is the general rule stated in Chapter 92, regarding people with ideas?
(a) There are more people who can execute ideas than there are people with ideas.
(b) There are more people with ideas than there are people who can execute those ideas.
(c) The people with ideas are often reluctant to allow others to execute those ideas for them.
(d) There are plenty of people who can execute ideas, but only a few can do it well.

4. What is Leo's reaction to the topic Ulrich introduces in Chapter 73?
(a) He passionately opposes it.
(b) He is undecided.
(c) He doesn't express an opinion either way.
(d) He dislikes it but doesn't get worked up about it.

5. What effect does Arnheim's family business have on his relationship with General Stumm in Chapter 89?
(a) It has no effect on their relationship.
(b) It makes them respect but still distrust one another.
(c) It creates an even greater rift between them.
(d) It leads them to realize that they have some surprising things in common.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is discussed regarding Diotima in Chapter 93?

2. How does Diotima feel about adultery in Chapter 94?

3. What mistaken idea does Arnheim possess in Chapter 92?

4. What question regarding businessmen does Arnheim explore in Chapter 96?

5. What is the Count's major source of wealth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Ulrich and General Stumm think about intellect, as revealed by their conversation in Chapter 85?

2. How did Soliman meet Rachel?

3. What situation regarding an invitation develops in Chapter 80?

4. What is Ulrich and Gerda's relationship like as explained in Chapter 74?

5. What is Diotima's psychological situation in Chapter 94?

6. How is the relationship between Diotima and Arnheim described in Chapter 93?

7. Who is Aunt Jane, and what is her history as outlined in Chapter 99?

8. What is the author's digression in relation to the forces of nature in Chapter 75?

9. Does Arnheim do what the author thinks would be best for him in Chapter 86?

10. What was the course of the General's career development as outlined in Chapter 80?

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