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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Count Leinsdorf addressed?
(a) His Highness.
(b) His Lordship.
(c) His Excellency.
(d) His Majesty.

2. What is mysterious about Diotima's invitation in Chapter 80?
(a) It was delivered by hand, instead of in the mail.
(b) It sounds more urgent than it should.
(c) It was originally addressed to someone else.
(d) The writing looks as if it may not be hers.

3. Ulrich urges General Stumm to do what, in Chapter 84?
(a) Take the opportunity to invest in a new business.
(b) Retire from his military career to pursue one that he enjoys.
(c) Not take thinking so seriously.
(d) Tell Diotima how he feels about her.

4. According to Arnheim in Chapter 92, what group of people frequently gave him the most trouble?
(a) The wealthy.
(b) The poor.
(c) The intelligentsia.
(d) People who suddenly came into great quantities of money.

5. Who is Count Leinsdorf?
(a) An acquaintance of Leo and Klementine.
(b) Ulrich's uncle.
(c) Gerda's brother-in-law.
(d) One of Diotima's best friends.

6. Who becomes infatuated with Diotima in Chapter 85?
(a) General Stumm.
(b) Ulrich.
(c) Count Leinsdorf.
(d) Arnheim.

7. What does Clarisse think is the main difference between the two men she compares in Chapter 97?
(a) One is musical, and the other is not.
(b) One is successful, and the other is not.
(c) One is in love with her, and the other is not.
(d) One is compassionate, and the other is not.

8. The author suggests in Chapter 77 that an ancient philosopher could do what?
(a) Go to a newspaper and prove his identity to the editors.
(b) Discuss political strategy with world leaders.
(c) Host his own salon.
(d) Change the worldview of the most influential people.

9. What is one of the main ideas brought into Diotima's circle of intellectuals in Chapter 89?
(a) Romanticism.
(b) Conservativism.
(c) Impressionism.
(d) Modernity.

10. What is Ulrich's relationship with Gerda, as described in Chapter 74?
(a) They were merely acquaintances.
(b) They were once in love but had fallen out of love.
(c) They were close but had never fallen in love.
(d) They were close and sometimes intimate.

11. According to the author, why are some writers' situations strange?
(a) They are unable to relate to others.
(b) Their brains work differently than other peoples' do.
(c) They think their art is great, when others don't.
(d) They have been too far removed from the outside world.

12. How is the importance of a book determined, according to the author?
(a) By its sales.
(b) By its critical reviews.
(c) By the popularity of its writer.
(d) By its impact on popular culture.

13. Of what nationality is Arnheim?
(a) Swiss.
(b) Austrian.
(c) German.
(d) Prussian.

14. What does Ulrich begin to suspect in Chapter 91?
(a) There is some reason why Diotima's husband is so tolerant of her affection for Arnheim.
(b) Arnheim and Diotima are secretly having an affair.
(c) General Stumm is planning to murder Arnheim.
(d) Count Leinsdorf is beginning to fall for Diotima as well.

15. What type of corporation does Arnheim's family own and run?
(a) A collective of land-owners.
(b) A bank and lending facility.
(c) A shovel-making business.
(d) A munitions manufacturing facility.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who receives an invitation from Diotima in Chapter 80?

2. Who visits Diotima in Chapter 75?

3. What do Ulrich and Klementine discuss in Chapter 73?

4. How does the author describe Clarisse?

5. According to the author in Chapter 92, what belief is commonly held by rich people?

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