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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when a book becomes important enough, according to the author?
(a) It is deemed worthy of certain kinds of attention.
(b) It becomes a best-seller.
(c) It is referenced in other literary works.
(d) It goes into the canon of literary classics.

2. What does Clarisse think is the main difference between the two men she compares in Chapter 97?
(a) One is successful, and the other is not.
(b) One is musical, and the other is not.
(c) One is compassionate, and the other is not.
(d) One is in love with her, and the other is not.

3. What might be the result if the philosopher mentioned in Chapter 77 were to do what the author suggests?
(a) He would easily get a writing job.
(b) He would be able to change the course of history.
(c) He would usher in a new era of philosophy and politics.
(d) He would be laughed at.

4. According to the author in Chapter 92, what belief is commonly held by rich people?
(a) That money has no real value, and a person's life can't be measured by it.
(b) That being rich is not as much of a privilege as poor people
(c) That families who have been rich for generations are somehow better than those who just came into money.
(d) That poor people are poor because they are lazy.

5. Who is Count Leinsdorf?
(a) One of Diotima's best friends.
(b) Ulrich's uncle.
(c) An acquaintance of Leo and Klementine.
(d) Gerda's brother-in-law.

6. How are Arnheim and Diotima's activities viewed in Chapter 89?
(a) They are resented by the lower classes.
(b) They are viewed as being unintentionally presumptuous.
(c) They are looked down upon by the higher classes.
(d) They are viewed as appropriate and effective.

7. According to the information presented in Chapter 92, what does money do?
(a) It is an unpredictable thing, and there is no telling whether it will increase or decrease.
(b) It will always increase when it is handled well.
(c) It often decreases in spite of being handled well.
(d) It sometimes increases, even when it isn't handled well.

8. What is the collective title for Arnheim and Diotima's activities?
(a) The Aristocratic Collective.
(b) The Coalition of Concerned Intellectuals.
(c) The Creative Coalition.
(d) The Collateral Campaign.

9. How old is Gerda?
(a) 27.
(b) 21.
(c) 25.
(d) 23.

10. What is the general rule stated in Chapter 92, regarding people with ideas?
(a) There are plenty of people who can execute ideas, but only a few can do it well.
(b) There are more people who can execute ideas than there are people with ideas.
(c) The people with ideas are often reluctant to allow others to execute those ideas for them.
(d) There are more people with ideas than there are people who can execute those ideas.

11. Who visits Diotima in Chapter 75?
(a) A general.
(b) A politician.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) A policeman.

12. How does Diotima feel about adultery in Chapter 94?
(a) She has already committed adultery, and sees no problem with it.
(b) She has found herself seriously considering it.
(c) She wouldn't commit adultery herself, but understands why other women might.
(d) She is repulsed by it, and would never entertain the thought.

13. In Chapter 85, the General expresses to Ulrich his disappointment in what?
(a) Diotima's affection for Arnheim.
(b) The recent lack of advancement in his career.
(c) Ulrich's close association with the Count.
(d) Ulrich's choice of a wife.

14. To whom is Gerda engaged?
(a) Ulrich.
(b) Leo.
(c) Hans.
(d) Arnheim.

15. Who are Gerda's parents?
(a) Hans and Diotima.
(b) Ulrich and Diotima.
(c) Leo and Klementine.
(d) Ulrich and Klementine.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author claims that the General suffered from becoming repeatedly infatuated with what types of women?

2. What is discussed regarding Diotima in Chapter 93?

3. What is one of the main ideas brought into Diotima's circle of intellectuals in Chapter 89?

4. What question regarding businessmen does Arnheim explore in Chapter 96?

5. The author suggests in Chapter 77 that an ancient philosopher could do what?

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