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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Count Leinsdorf addressed?
(a) His Excellency.
(b) His Highness.
(c) His Majesty.
(d) His Lordship.

2. What might be the result if the philosopher mentioned in Chapter 77 were to do what the author suggests?
(a) He would usher in a new era of philosophy and politics.
(b) He would easily get a writing job.
(c) He would be laughed at.
(d) He would be able to change the course of history.

3. In Chapter 85, the General expresses to Ulrich his disappointment in what?
(a) The recent lack of advancement in his career.
(b) Diotima's affection for Arnheim.
(c) Ulrich's close association with the Count.
(d) Ulrich's choice of a wife.

4. What does Clarisse realize about her husband in Chapter 97?
(a) He was never in love with her.
(b) She is afraid of him.
(c) He is afraid of her.
(d) He is no longer in love with her.

5. Who are Gerda's parents?
(a) Ulrich and Diotima.
(b) Ulrich and Klementine.
(c) Hans and Diotima.
(d) Leo and Klementine.

6. One of the Count's acquaintances is mentioned in Chapter 84 as supporting what type of establishment?
(a) An orphanage.
(b) A library.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A sanitarium.

7. What was difficult about Aunt Jane's life as she is introduced in Chapter 99?
(a) She attended functions with people she abhorred simply because it was her duty as a wife.
(b) She lost all her money but still tried to associate with people from her old circles.
(c) She was pregnant several times, but all ended in miscarriage.
(d) She raised her stepchildren after her husband abandoned them all.

8. What does Ulrich begin to suspect in Chapter 91?
(a) Arnheim and Diotima are secretly having an affair.
(b) General Stumm is planning to murder Arnheim.
(c) There is some reason why Diotima's husband is so tolerant of her affection for Arnheim.
(d) Count Leinsdorf is beginning to fall for Diotima as well.

9. According to the information presented in Chapter 92, what does money do?
(a) It is an unpredictable thing, and there is no telling whether it will increase or decrease.
(b) It will always increase when it is handled well.
(c) It often decreases in spite of being handled well.
(d) It sometimes increases, even when it isn't handled well.

10. Why was the General promoted to staff officer?
(a) He showed himself to be extremely dedicated and patriotic.
(b) He had military connections.
(c) He went above and beyond the call of duty.
(d) The others had noticed he was something of a philosopher.

11. What did Arnheim say in Chapter 94, which made Diotima realize her feelings for him?
(a) He flattered her immensely and told her that of all her virtues her intellect was the most valuable.
(b) He told her about his decision to fund the orphanage with his own money.
(c) He talked about the perception of reality and how the concept should be abolished.
(d) He conveyed to her his depth of feeling for her husband and how he valued their friendship.

12. How does the author describe Clarisse?
(a) Intelligent, but not particularly attractive.
(b) A conservative patriot.
(c) Attractive, but not particularly intelligent.
(d) A sexy intellectual.

13. What question does Ulrich ask regarding Gerda's upcoming marriage in Chapter 73?
(a) Why she is getting married so young.
(b) Whether her fiance has much of a future.
(c) What she hopes to gain from her union.
(d) Whether they think she will be happy.

14. How does Diotima feel about adultery in Chapter 94?
(a) She has already committed adultery, and sees no problem with it.
(b) She has found herself seriously considering it.
(c) She is repulsed by it, and would never entertain the thought.
(d) She wouldn't commit adultery herself, but understands why other women might.

15. How old is Gerda?
(a) 23.
(b) 21.
(c) 25.
(d) 27.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what type of individual does the author compare the General to describe his attitude toward his work?

2. What relationship is mentioned by the author in Chapter 96?

3. How is Diotima described?

4. What is the Count's major source of wealth?

5. What did Arnheim explain to Diotima in Chapter 76?

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