The Makioka Sisters Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What problem revolves around Yukiko according to Book I, Chapter 1?

According to Book I, Chapter 1, a central problem revolves around Yukiko, who is the third of the Makoika sisters. She is reluctant to marry and rejected another potential suitor that the family arranged for her.

2. Who is Mrs. Itani according to Chapter 2?

According to Chapter 2, Mrs. Itani is a hairdresser who insists that she has a prospect to introduce to Yukiko.

3. What causes tension in Chapter 6?

In Chapter 6, tension is caused between Sachiko and Teinosuke because of Yukiko's devotion to her niece, Etsuko.

4. What part of Etsuko's composition does Yukiko cross out in Chapter 8?

In Chapter 8, Yukiko crosses out part of Etsuko's composition for school in which she described Yukiko touching a pet rabbit with her foot because she did not want to touch the rabbit with her hands. Etsuko asked Yukilo why she did not want this in the composition at Yukiko believed it might give the teacher a bad impression of her manners. This demonstrates how Yukiko wanted to be considered in Japanese society and how she thought her appearance was important.

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