Daily Lessons for Teaching The Makioka Sisters

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Lesson 1 (from Book I, Chapters 1-9)


Book I, Chapters 1-9

The Makoika sisters come from a wealthy merchant family who live in Osaka, Japan. Although the family was once prosperous, the family fortune has declined in the time period of the family. The beginning of the book introduces each of the main characters. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the introductions of the Makoika sisters.


1) Pair Work: Family Tree: Students should outline the Makoika family tree to include the Makoika sisters, their parents, and other relatives described in Chapters 1-9.

2) Class Discussion: Who are the Makoika sisters? Who do they come from? Why do you think the author chooses to write the book focusing on a wealthy merchant family? Where do the Makoika sisters live? Why has the family fortune declined? Who is introduced in Chapters 1 through 9? Who is Tsuruko? Who is Sachiko? Yukiko? Taeko? Who is Tatsuo? Why...

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