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Book I, Chapters 1-9

• In Book 1, Chapters 1-9, we learn of the Makioka sisters, four daughters with a fledgling Japanese fortune in Osaka, Japan.

• The family business is run by Tsuruko's husband Tatsuo.

• Tsuruko is the oldest of the sisters and Tatsuo took the Makioka name to run the company.

• Sachiko and Taeko are talking about introducing a suitor to Yukiko who is already 30 and is unwed.
• Taeko, the youngest sister wants her older sister to marry so she can marry her lover Okubata as Japanese tradition requires that the older sister marry first.

• Taeko once wanted to elope with Okubata, but returned home without marrying him.

• It is reported that Yukiko runs off, which makes it difficult for Yukiko to find a suitor.

• Taeko is a successful doll maker.

• Yukiko and her niece Etsuko are devoted to each other.

• Mrs. Itani is finally able to have Sachiko...

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