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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is significant about a manhole in an ally that Flamel and the others find?
(a) They think it is where the Nidhogg is recovering.
(b) They think they it is where the Disir took St. Germain.
(c) It's where Josh is tracked to by Sophie.
(d) They think they can find Scathach down there.

2. Who has brought the Nidhogg to Paris?
(a) It has come of its own volition.
(b) The Disir.
(c) The Dark Elders.
(d) It lives in Paris.

3. Who is following the Nidhogg in a car?
(a) Sophie and St. Germain.
(b) Dee and Machiavelli.
(c) Just Flamel.
(d) Just Joan.

4. What does Perenelle learn from de Ayala?
(a) The island is rigged to explode.
(b) The animals on the island are not real.
(c) Dee is on the island.
(d) Someone else is imprisoned on Alcatraz.

5. Who continues to battle the Disir?
(a) St. Germain.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Flamel
(d) Joan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Germain give Josh?

2. Why can't the Nidhogg reach the waters of the Seine?

3. What do Machiavelli and Dee discuss?

4. Who finds Machiavelli's burned out car?

5. What does St. Germain do to Sophie?

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