Objects & Places from The Magician

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Germain gives this to Josh.

Citroen 2CV

Joan's special gift from Germain.


The twin sword to Excalibur.


The legendary sword that King Arthur took from stone.

Butterfly Tattoos

Germain uses these as a trigger for his fire magic.


Dee and Machiavelli take Josh here to find Mars.

Eiffel Tower

A structure in Paris that was built in the nineteenth century to represent the renewed spirit of France.

Seine River

Where Nidhogg goes to get relief from the pain of his stab wounds from Clarent.

Danu Talis

An island that existed somewhere above Earth thousands of years ago.


Flamel, Josh, Sophie, and Scathach are transported here over a ley line in the beginning of this novel.

Ojai, California

Where the Witch of Endor lives.

Alcatraz Island

Perenelle Flamel is imprisoned here at the opening of the novel.

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