The Magician Fun Activities

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Character Description

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of your two favorite characters from The Magician. Add a portrait to go along with your written description. Explain why they are your favorite characters and how they are similar to yourself.

Time Line

Create a time line including illustrations of the events from The Magician. Have the time line branch off into the different locations in The Magician.


Read another Michael Scott book and write a comparison and contrast between it and The Magician.


Create three posters about The Magician using a variety of media (chalk, paint, markers, watercolors, etc..). One poster could be a picture of the Disir, another the two swords, or the Old Spider on Alcatraz or Nidhogg.

TV Reporter

Pretend you are a TV reporter and provide an on-scene report about the battle with the Nidhogg.

Book Talk

Talk about The Magician...

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