The Magician Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Michael Scott (Irish author)
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Essay Topic 1

An epigraph is generally expected to speak to or set the tone for the work it precedes. Does the epigraph of The Magician do so for its novel? How or how not?

Essay Topic 2

What purpose is served by the prefatory note, ostensibly coming from Flamel’s notes? What function does it serve for the text? What in the novel supports that purpose and function? How does it do so?

Essay Topic 3

Explicate the symbolism of the Newmans' names: Josh, Sophie, and Newman.

Essay Topic 4

Throughout the novel, comments are made about Machiavelli’s physical exhaustion, particularly in comparison to others’ lack of fatigue. What is signified by his relative physical weakness? How is it signified?

Essay Topic 5

Repeatedly in the novel, Machiavelli and Dee both acknowledge that they serve “Dark Elders.” What narrative effect does the characters’ acknowledgement of such “dark” allegiance have? What in...

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