The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Short Essay - Answer Key

Christopher Moore
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1. What is the immediate reaction from first responders about Bess Leander's death?

When the medics first arrive at the scene where Bess Leander killed herself, there is immediate controversy. The EMTs and police spend the entire morning arguing about whether or not she killed herself, and exactly how she died.

2. What important piece of evidence does Joseph Leander give to Theo for his investigation?

Joseph Leander admits to Theo that his wife had been acting strangely lately. She began obsessively cleaning, and was brought to see the town psychiatrist, who prescribed anti-depressant pills.Joseph Leander thought the pills were helping Bess, bud wasn't convinced she had depression. He gives the pills to Theo for his investigation.

3. Why is Theo suddenly called away from his investigation into Bess Leander's suicide?

After a few hours in the Leander home, Theo is called away to take care of a fight that's broken out at the local bar, The Slug. When he arrives, Molly is attacking a man, biting his leg, and the bar owner, Mavis, is threatening to hit Molly over the head with a baseball bat.

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