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Short Answer Questions

1. Which preternatural creatures, in the world of "The Lunatic Cafe," are able to detect lies?

2. Who falls in the river where the skin was found?

3. How does Anita prove to the police officers at Elvira's house that the creature who attacked Zerbrowski was not a lycanthrope?

4. After learning that Louie is missing, Anita realizes that Elvira is what sort of preternatural creature?

5. What sort of strange sound does Williams report hearing on his owl recording?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Richard try to save Anita while they are in Kaspar's basement?

2. When Anita notices something familiar about Gabriel, why is this significant?

3. Following the arrest of Elvira, why does Williams call Anita on the phone?

4. Near Washington University, how does Anita help Louie after he suffers injuries?

5. How does Raina ultimately convince Smitz to admit that he killed his wife?

6. Why does Anita try to dissuade Richard from accompanying her to the nature center, following a call from Williams?

7. Why did Elvira and other witches skin the naga?

8. The day after Richard and Jean-Claude argued in Anita's apartment, Ronnie calls Anita to share what evidence regarding the Smitz case?

9. Describe the creature whose skin is found in a river in Jefferson County.

10. After Anita announces her engagement, what is significant about the arrival of Raina and Gabriel at the office of Jean-Claude?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What comparisons can be made between protagonist Anita and the evil Kaspar, in their strong need to overcompensate for their perceived shortcomings? Why is Anita's method of coping better than Kaspar's?

Essay Topic 2

Why, throughout most of "The Lunatic Cafe," does Anita resent any attempt by Richard to protect her? Why, near the end of the novel, is Anita grateful when Richard tries to rescue her from Jason?

Essay Topic 3

What are the religious undertones present in "The Lunatic Cafe?" Is the cross-wearing Anita likely to be a Christian? Why or why not? Is the belief in preternatural creatures incompatible with a belief in God?

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