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Short Answer Questions

1. During a meeting between Anita and Kaspar, how is Kaspar's conversation limited?

2. In the movie Edward shows to Anita, who kills the only woman in the scene?

3. What does Richard collect?

4. What is the occupation of Louie?

5. What is the relationship between Anita and Ronnie?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Anita and Edward leave Kaspar's basement, what does Richard do?

2. In Jean-Claude's office, what does Raina do in an attempt to make Anita jealous?

3. As Anita escapes from her cage in Kaspar's basement, what violent act does she commit?

4. What happens to Louie when he comes to the aid of Anita near Washington University?

5. Why does Anita try to dissuade Richard from accompanying her to the nature center, following a call from Williams?

6. Why does Kaspar wish to hire Anita?

7. While Anita is near the theater, talking with Richard and Jean-Claude, why does Dolph page Anita?

8. Describe Gretchen, the person who attacks Anita after she leaves The Fox.

9. What are the positions within the wolf pack of Marcus, Raina, and Alfred?

10. Near the end of the novel, what does Anita do with the item sent to her by Edward?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the symbolism of the swan skin sent to Anita by Edward near the end of the novel. Why does Anita approve of the skin, and why does boyfriend Richard disapprove? Is this a suitable "final resting place" for Kaspar?

Essay Topic 2

Early in the novel, Anita kills Alfred in self-defense. Later Anita kills Aikensen for revenge, if not self-defense. Why does Richard show such disapproval for her actions? Is this related to his unwillingness to kill Marcus and take over leadership of his pack?

Essay Topic 3

How do Burt and Dolph, Anita's two bosses, interact with her in the course of the novel? What point is the author making about women in the work force by Anita's disparate attitudes toward the two men?

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