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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What motivation does Gabriel offer for his willingness to assist Anita in questioning Smitz?
(a) Ronnie is a friend of his.
(b) He is happy to have Anita owe him a favor.
(c) Smitz' wife is a friend of his.
(d) He is happy to have Marcus and Richard owe him a favor.

2. Near the end of "The Lunatic Cafe," Kaspar confesses that hunters pay him for what service?
(a) Kaspar supplies lycanthropes for them to hunt.
(b) Kaspar supplies them with illegal porn videos.
(c) Kaspar supplies wolves for them to hunt.
(d) Kaspar supplies human bait to attract wild predators.

3. Who is the owner of Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Raina.
(b) Richard.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Jean-Claude.

4. Who pages Anita while she is at Williams' house, to say he has found Jason?
(a) Kaspar.
(b) Smitz.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Aikensen.

5. What reason does Kaspar give for being cursed as a swan?
(a) He was bitten by a swan when he was a child.
(b) A witch changed him to make him kinder.
(c) A naga turned him into a wereswan after saving him from drowning in a river.
(d) His father was also cursed as a swan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to be hunted in exchange for Anita's release from a cage in Kaspar's basement?

2. What is Stephen's primary job at Guilty Pleasures?

3. Anita recognizes Gabriel's eyes from where?

4. The morning after Jean-Claude visited Anita's apartment, Richard calls Anita to announce the disappearance of whom?

5. What part does Kaspar play in the production of Raina's films?

Short Essay Questions

1. Near Washington University, how does Anita help Louie after he suffers injuries?

2. Until being separated from Richard by Anita during an argument in Anita's apartment, why does Jean-Claude refuse to leave Anita's apartment until Anita kisses him?

3. Describe the creature whose skin is found in a river in Jefferson County.

4. The day after Richard and Jean-Claude argued in Anita's apartment, Ronnie calls Anita to share what evidence regarding the Smitz case?

5. Following the arrest of Elvira, why does Williams call Anita on the phone?

6. After Anita announces her engagement, what is significant about the arrival of Raina and Gabriel at the office of Jean-Claude?

7. Why does Anita try to dissuade Richard from accompanying her to the nature center, following a call from Williams?

8. How does Gabriel respond to pain, first from his silver earrings and then from the silver knife Anita uses to slice his stomach?

9. What happens to Louie when he comes to the aid of Anita near Washington University?

10. How does Richard try to save Anita while they are in Kaspar's basement?

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