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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After someone falls in the river, what does Anita conclude?
(a) No dangerous snakes are in the area.
(b) An unseen preternatural creature pushed them into the river.
(c) A drowning spell has been cast in the area.
(d) No spell has been cast in the area.

2. How does Anita prove to the police officers at Elvira's house that the creature who attacked Zerbrowski was not a lycanthrope?
(a) She releases a catch on the panther and strips off its stolen skin.
(b) She casts a spell, proving it is a witch.
(c) She partially dissects the creature, proving that it is an actual panther.
(d) She stabs the creature with a silver knife, revealing its vampirism.

3. After Anita leaves Washington University, what does Louie do to help Anita?
(a) Louie attacks Jean-Claude.
(b) Louie attacks Gretchen.
(c) Louie helps Anita find new employment.
(d) Louie calls the police.

4. Who offers to be hunted in exchange for Anita's release from a cage in Kaspar's basement?
(a) Richard.
(b) Jason.
(c) Aikensen.
(d) Edward.

5. Why doesn't Anita want Richard to go to Guilty Pleasures with her?
(a) Anita does not want Richard to know she is going to Guilty Pleasures.
(b) Anita thinks Richard would kill Jean-Claude.
(c) Anita wants Richard to flirt with Gretchen.
(d) Anita thinks Jean-Claude would kill Richard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of strange sound does Williams report hearing on his owl recording?

2. At the home of Williams, Anita finds the bodies of Williams and how many others?

3. While at the hospital, Anita receives a call from Richard informing her that Louie is missing after supposedly meeting with whom?

4. What do the paramedics do for the creature who grabbed Anita's arm from the river?

5. Which preternatural creatures, in the world of "The Lunatic Cafe," are able to detect lies?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Richard and Stephen arrive to help Anita and Louie, why does Stephen offer to drive Anita to Guilty Pleasures?

2. What is Kaspar's motive for betraying his fellow lycanthropes by supplying them to hunters for sport?

3. Why does Anita try to dissuade Richard from accompanying her to the nature center, following a call from Williams?

4. Describe the creature whose skin is found in a river in Jefferson County.

5. How does Gabriel respond to pain, first from his silver earrings and then from the silver knife Anita uses to slice his stomach?

6. How does Raina ultimately convince Smitz to admit that he killed his wife?

7. Following Gretchen's actions near Washington University, how does Jean-Claude punish Gretchen for disobeying his orders?

8. How does Richard try to save Anita while they are in Kaspar's basement?

9. In Jean-Claude's office, what does Raina do in an attempt to make Anita jealous?

10. What is Kaspar's role in Raina's porn movies?

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