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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who agrees to drive Anita to the hospital from Smitz' house?
(a) Titus.
(b) Edward.
(c) Richard.
(d) Ronnie.

2. What part does Kaspar play in the production of Raina's films?
(a) Kaspar writes dialogue and recruits lycanthropic actors.
(b) Kaspar manages lighting and camera angles.
(c) Kaspar auditions humans to see how they react when someone pretends to bite their throats during sex.
(d) Kaspar auditions humans to see how they react when someone changes shape during sex.

3. What is Robert's primary job at Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Manager.
(b) Waiter.
(c) Bookkeeper.
(d) Stripper.

4. Which preternatural creatures, in the world of "The Lunatic Cafe," are able to detect lies?
(a) Lycanthropes.
(b) Vampires.
(c) Witches.
(d) Animators.

5. At Guilty Pleasures, what does Anita admit to Jean-Claude, regarding her innermost feelings?
(a) Anita admits that she misses her mother.
(b) Anita admits that she loves Jean-Claude in a way.
(c) Anita admits that she does not know how to love.
(d) Anita admits that she is having an affair.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the hospital, why can't Anita question the naga right away?

2. What description does the naga provide from his hospital bed to help identify the individuals who skinned him?

3. Jean-Claude gives which vampire a choice between appearing in Raina's films or going into a coffin, at Guilty Pleasures?

4. At the home of Williams, Anita finds the bodies of Williams and how many others?

5. Following the encounter between Anita, Gretchen, and Louie, why does Gretchen want Anita to visit Guilty Pleasures?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Anita announces her engagement, what is significant about the arrival of Raina and Gabriel at the office of Jean-Claude?

2. What does Gretchen do to Anita after Anita leaves Washington University, and what is her motivation?

3. The day after Richard and Jean-Claude argued in Anita's apartment, Ronnie calls Anita to share what evidence regarding the Smitz case?

4. When Anita notices something familiar about Gabriel, why is this significant?

5. Why does Anita try to dissuade Richard from accompanying her to the nature center, following a call from Williams?

6. Near Washington University, how does Anita help Louie after he suffers injuries?

7. How does Gabriel respond to pain, first from his silver earrings and then from the silver knife Anita uses to slice his stomach?

8. Following the arrest of Elvira, why does Williams call Anita on the phone?

9. Describe the creature whose skin is found in a river in Jefferson County.

10. How does Raina ultimately convince Smitz to admit that he killed his wife?

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