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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When meeting Edward at his hotel, what does Anita clean from her face?
(a) Chocolate ice cream.
(b) Wolf blood.
(c) Chicken blood.
(d) Makeup.

2. From the Lunatic Cafe, Anita and Irving are led to the end of a hallway and see what two men standing on a platform?
(a) Richard and Marcus.
(b) Marcus and Jean-Claude.
(c) Alfred and Marcus.
(d) Alfred and Richard.

3. What musical do Anita and Richard see at the theater?
(a) "The Sound of Music."
(b) "Oklahoma!"
(c) "The King and I."
(d) "Guys and Dolls."

4. What sort of preternatural creature is Irving?
(a) Werewolf.
(b) Wererat.
(c) Vampire.
(d) Werepanther.

5. By what descriptive title is Anita known?
(a) The Vampire.
(b) The Killer.
(c) The Executioner.
(d) The Animator.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ronnie respond to Anita during their morning activities, when Anita explains why she is angry with Richard?

2. How do the lycanthropes in the meeting treat the body of the shapeshifter Anita killed?

3. After Anita becomes angry with Marcus during their meeting, what does Alfred do?

4. In the city where "The Lunatic Cafe" is set, who is the leader of the local wolf pack?

5. Who suggests that Alfred should disarm Anita, after she pulls a weapon?

Short Essay Questions

1. Write a brief synopsis of the video Edward shows to Anita at Edward's hotel. Please keep the description appropriate for a classroom audience.

2. Describe Anita's boyfriend, Richard.

3. Where does Anita work, and what sort of work does she do?

4. Why does Kaspar wish to hire Anita?

5. Why does Elvira wish to hire Anita?

6. Why is Anita hesitant to date Jean-Claude?

7. At the Lunatic Cafe, who does Raina threaten and why?

8. How does Rafael save Anita from Jason, and who is holding Anita and nibbling her neck?

9. Describe Gretchen, the person who attacks Anita after she leaves The Fox.

10. During their meeting at Washington University, what request and/or advice does Louie give to Anita regarding Richard?

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