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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the movie Edward shows to Anita, who kills the only woman in the scene?
(a) The second man, as a panther.
(b) The first man, as a werewolf.
(c) The second man, as a werewolf.
(d) Both men.

2. Near the theater, what does Gretchen ask Anita to do?
(a) Marry Jean-Claude.
(b) Marry Richard.
(c) Leave Jean-Claude alone.
(d) Leave Richard alone.

3. Early in the novel, at which theater do Anita and Richard meet?
(a) The Swan.
(b) The Fox.
(c) The Hound.
(d) The Wolf.

4. Following the theater performance, why is Anita concerned when she realizes Richard might be a romantic?
(a) Anita has not believed in happy endings since she was ten years old and her father died.
(b) She worries that he might prefer a woman who is more traditional.
(c) She worries that he might want to propose marriage.
(d) Anita has not believed in happy endings since she was eight years old and her mother died.

5. What is the first name of Smitz's wife?
(a) Anita.
(b) Ronnie.
(c) Georgina.
(d) Peggy.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Anita examines the folder given to her by Marcus, what does she find?

2. What does Richard collect?

3. What theory does Sheriff Titus offer, regarding the crime scene to which Anita has been called after the theater performance?

4. Who suggests that Alfred should disarm Anita, after she pulls a weapon?

5. After Anita becomes angry with Marcus during their meeting, what does Alfred do?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the Lunatic Cafe, who does Raina threaten and why?

2. How does Rafael save Anita from Jason, and who is holding Anita and nibbling her neck?

3. During their meeting at Washington University, what request and/or advice does Louie give to Anita regarding Richard?

4. How does Richard react to viewing the video in Edward's hotel?

5. Describe Gretchen, the person who attacks Anita after she leaves The Fox.

6. Why does Kaspar wish to hire Anita?

7. Why does Anita leave Richard and Jean-Claude at the theater without saying goodbye?

8. After Anita shoots and kills Alfred, what do most of the lycanthropes in the meeting do?

9. What are the positions within the wolf pack of Marcus, Raina, and Alfred?

10. Describe Anita's boyfriend, Richard.

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