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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two things cause lycanthropes to change form faster?
(a) Death and Fear.
(b) Sex and fear.
(c) Laughter and fear.
(d) Sex and death.

2. While at the hospital, Anita receives a call from Richard informing her that Louie is missing after supposedly meeting with whom?
(a) Richard.
(b) Elvira.
(c) Irving.
(d) Marcus.

3. What item does Anita refuse to give up at the entrance of Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Her purse.
(b) Her phone.
(c) Her cross.
(d) Her weapons.

4. What is Stephen's primary job at Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Manager.
(b) Stripper.
(c) Waiter.
(d) Bookkeeper.

5. Jean-Claude gives which vampire a choice between appearing in Raina's films or going into a coffin, at Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Gretchen.
(b) Stephen.
(c) Robert.
(d) Kaspar.

6. Who drains the life force from Gretchen at Guilty Pleasures?
(a) Robert.
(b) Anita.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) An unnamed vampire.

7. Who arrives to pick up Anita, in order to investigate the skin found in the river?
(a) Dolph.
(b) Zerbrowski.
(c) Titus.
(d) Burt.

8. Anita recognizes Gabriel's eyes from where?
(a) He was the werepanther in the pornographic film with Alfred.
(b) He was with Louie when Anita visited Washington University.
(c) His eyes are strikingly similar to Richard's.
(d) He was featured in a poster advertising Guilty Pleasures.

9. At Guilty Pleasures, what does Anita admit to Jean-Claude, regarding her innermost feelings?
(a) Anita admits that she does not know how to love.
(b) Anita admits that she loves Jean-Claude in a way.
(c) Anita admits that she misses her mother.
(d) Anita admits that she is having an affair.

10. At the hospital, why can't Anita question the naga right away?
(a) She has to wait for Dolph.
(b) The naga is on life support.
(c) She has to wait for Titus.
(d) The naga does not wish to see Anita.

11. How was Jean-Claude able to enter Anita's apartment without being let in, while Anita was investigating the skin in the river?
(a) A past invitation from Richard allowed Jean-Claude unlimited reentry.
(b) Jean-Claude flew in through an air duct.
(c) Jean-Claude, as Master of the City, has a universal key.
(d) A past invitation from Anita allowed Jean-Claude unlimited reentry.

12. Following the encounter between Anita, Gretchen, and Louie, what transformation does Louie undergo while unconscious?
(a) He changes from a werewolf into human form, naked and bleeding.
(b) He changes from a wererat into human form, naked and bleeding.
(c) He reveals his vampire soul.
(d) He changes from human into a wererat.

13. Whose nose does Anita break at the home of Kaspar?
(a) Titus.
(b) Aikensen.
(c) Edward.
(d) Kaspar.

14. What description does the naga provide from his hospital bed to help identify the individuals who skinned him?
(a) They looked like vampires.
(b) One man was a werepanther.
(c) One woman had feathery hair.
(d) One woman had eyes like an ocean.

15. After leaving Williams' house, where does Anita encounter Titus and Aikensen?
(a) Kaspar's house.
(b) The river bank.
(c) Elvira's house.
(d) Washington University.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the paramedics do for the creature who grabbed Anita's arm from the river?

2. After learning that Anita is engaged, what does Jean-Claude ask Anita to do?

3. What reason does Kaspar give for being cursed as a swan?

4. What does Richard say makes it difficult for him to control the wolf within?

5. Who is the owner of Guilty Pleasures?

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