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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the police request Anita's help at a crime scene after the musical?
(a) The police suspect Anita might be involved in the crime.
(b) She is a police detective.
(c) She has psychic abilities.
(d) She helps investigate murders that might have ties to the preternatural.

2. What does Anita do for Smitz?
(a) Connect him with a private investigator.
(b) Tell him to go to the police.
(c) Promise to help him to the best of her ability.
(d) Advise Smitz to drop the matter.

3. How did Richard become a preternatural creature?
(a) He contracted the disease after being vaccinated against it.
(b) He is the son of two preternatural creatures.
(c) He was cursed by a witch.
(d) He was bitten by a shapeshifter.

4. After examining the body and the crime scene, on the night of her date with Richard, what does Anita conclude?
(a) The man committed suicide.
(b) The man was killed by a bear.
(c) The man was killed by another hunter.
(d) The man was killed by a shapeshifter.

5. What sort of preternatural creature is Richard?
(a) A werepanther.
(b) A werewolf.
(c) A vampire.
(d) A wererat.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Anita's meeting with Marcus and other shapeshifters, what explanation does Marcus offer for Anita's presence?

2. How old is Gretchen?

3. When a death might involve some sort of preternatural creature, what is standard operation procedure?

4. What sort of preternatural creature is Rafael?

5. In what city does "The Lunatic Cafe" take place?

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