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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Chapters 1-5 introduce the main character, Anita Blake, along with the two rivals for her heart, Richard and Jean-Claude. Anita is dating Richard, a junior high school teacher who happens to be a werewolf. Anita is being pursued by Jean-Claude, a vampire who is Master of the City of St. Louis. Today's lesson examines the personalities of these characters and the plot complications they create.


1) Class Discussion: Who is the main character in "The Lunatic Cafe?" Who is her boyfriend, and what sort of preternatural creature is he? Who else wants to date the main character, and what sort of preternatural creature is he? Briefly describe the personality traits of Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude, as revealed thus far in the novel.

2) Small Group Discussion: How does the argument between Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude at The Fox Theatre serve to illustrate the relationships between the three...

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