The Lunatic Cafe Character Descriptions

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Anita Blake

This character is the main character in "The Lunatic Cafe," as well as a vampire executioner.

Richard Zeeman

This character is a junior high school science teacher, a werewolf, and second in line for the position of pack leader.


This character is the Master of the City, the vampire in charge of St. Louis.

Detective Sergeant Rudolf Storr

This character is the commander of the preternatural squad of the police department.


This character is the leader of the pack and a surgeon.

Irving Griswold

This character is a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a werewolf.

Sheriff Titus

This character is unwilling at first to allow the preternatural squad to examine the body of a murdered hunter, but finally relents.

Deputy Aikensen

This character is a hot head, the weak link in the police department and ultimately in the hunting scheme.



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