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Chapters 1-5

• Anita Blake, the main character in "The Lunatic Cafe," is a vampire slayer and raises the dead.

• Anita is dating Richard Zeenan, a werewolf who is second in line for the position of leader of the St. Louis pack of werewolves.

• Anita is being romantically pursued by Jean-Claude, the Master of the City, but Anita hesitates because he is dead.

• Anita meets with a client, George Smitz, whose wife, Peggy, has been missing for two days.
• Smitz does not want to involve the police regarding his missing wife, because she is a lycanthrope and might lose her job if her disease were discovered.

• Anita recommends that Smitz contact her friend, Veronica Sims, also known as Ronnie, a private investigator.

• Anita meets Richard at The Fox, a theater in St. Louis, to watch the musical, "Guys and Dolls."

• Because her mother died when she was eight, Anita...

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