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Short Answer Questions

1. Who officially tells Abigail that Jack is doing very badly after his confrontation with Buckley?

2. What does Susie, while in Ruth's body, say when Ray first asks who she is?

3. Who does Susie see in her heaven after Buckley confronts Jack in Chapter 18?

4. Where does Mr. Harvey often hang out when he leaves his house?

5. By Chapter 20, as time goes on, what kinds of places does Mr. Harvey like to visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lindsey so upset when she sees a red scarf on Fenerman's desk one day when she stops in to see how her sister's case is going?

2. Why does Mr. Harvey feel he has to leave town after Lindsey breaks into his house?

3. Why is Lindsey so angry with her mother when she returns from California to see Jack in the hospital?

4. When Jack and Abigail confess that they both see Susie, how do they react?

5. Why is the Salmon family tense about Fenerman coming to visit Jack and the rest of the family in the hospital after Jack's heart attack?

6. What can Susie physically feel that lets her know she is in Ruth's body?

7. How is the sinkhole going to be filled?

8. How exactly does Lindsey break into Mr. Harvey's house?

9. What is bothering Jack while he is helping Lindsey learn how to shave her legs?

10. While eating apple pie that Ruana brought to the Salmon family, what do Samuel and Lindsey learn about the house they want to fix up?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ruth's relationship with Susie after Susie's death is in strong contrast to the relationship they had while Susie was still alive. Is the reader supposed to believe that Ruth has some kind of spiritual connection with Susie after she dies? Or is the reader supposed to believe that Ruth's connection with Susie is completely in her own mind? Use at least three specific examples from the text to support your position.

Essay Topic 2

The "Snapshots" chapter is unlike any other in The Lovely Bones. Discuss what function it serves in the text and why Sebold may have chosen to switch to this style in the middle of the novel (and then switch back in the very next chapter).

Essay Topic 3

Throughout The Lovely Bones, there are several situations where characters come to a realization about something, but not an acceptance about it. In a well-structured essay, discuss 1) the difference between realizing something and accepting it, 2) at least two situations/characters where this discrepancy is obvious, and 3) when, if ever, these characters come to accept something that they had earlier only realized.

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