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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the one-year memorial, what are the neighbors doing to honor Susie?
(a) Singing songs and holding candles.
(b) Looking for her body.
(c) Letting hundreds of balloons go.
(d) Signing a card for the Salmon family.

2. What does Susie, while in Ruth's body, tell Ray to read?
(a) Her journals from when she was still alive.
(b) The newspaper the next day.
(c) Ruth's journals.
(d) The bible.

3. How does the Salmon family react to Samuel and Lindsey's engagement?
(a) They think they are too young.
(b) They are happy for them.
(c) Some are happy, some are sad.
(d) They are very angry.

4. Why is the sinkhole going to be filled?
(a) Because it has become an environmental hazard.
(b) Because a new subdivision is coming in.
(c) Because the city took over the land and now needs money.
(d) Because it is full of junk.

5. What excuse does Lindsey use to break away from her teammates when she wants to break into Mr. Harvey's house?
(a) That she pulled her calf muscle.
(b) That she has to go to work early that day.
(c) That she is really mad at her boyfriend.
(d) That she has cramps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susie do when she is tired of watching her family?

2. Where do Susie (in Ruth's body) and Ray end up making love?

3. After she makes love to Ray (in Ruth's body), how does Susie tell Ray to remember her last name?

4. As Mr. Harvey becomes more and more haunted by his victims, where does he begin seeing them?

5. When Susie sees Mr. Harvey's victims visiting him, what are they wearing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lindsey so angry with her mother when she returns from California to see Jack in the hospital?

2. What is the first memory Mr. Harvey has of killing someone?

3. What does Susie confess to Ray as he prepares to go visit the sinkhole before it is to be filled in?

4. What does Susie realize, while watching from her heaven, about her family after she has entered (and left) Ruth's body?

5. How exactly does Lindsey break into Mr. Harvey's house?

6. What can Susie physically feel that lets her know she is in Ruth's body?

7. Years after Susie's murder, what does Mr. Harvey dream of when he feels threatened?

8. As the neighbors are gathering for Susie's one-year memorial, what does Lindsey ask of her mother?

9. Who is Mr. O'Dwyer?

10. What is bothering Jack while he is helping Lindsey learn how to shave her legs?

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