The Lovely Bones Character Descriptions

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Susie Salmon

Unlike her sister, this character is not gifted but is curious. This character is ultimately raped and killed.

Lindsey Salmon

This character's sister is killed and she later names a daughter after her.

Jack Salmon

This character is haunted by a daughter's murder and, consequently, develops an obsession with a neighbor who this character believes is the killer.

Abigail Salmon

This character is haunted by the investigation of a daughter's murder and the torture of hearing the grisly details of the daughter's death. This character also breaks a promise about staying with the family.

George Harvey

This character, a murderer, is practiced at acting and pretending to be someone he is not. This character is also afraid of the number five.

Ruth Connors

This character becomes obsessed with another character, who is murdered. This character is an outcast and a gifted artist, and leaves town after...

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