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Chapter 1

• Susie, the narrator, introduces herself as a recently murdered fourteen-year-old girl. She is narrating the story in first person, from heaven.

• Susie details the story of her rape and murder at the hands of her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. He lures her into a secret underground room where he rapes and murders her.

• Susie reminisces about her family, from her relationship to her sister to her father's habit of telling embarrassing stories about his children.

• Susie also mentions Franny, her counselor in heaven, who helps her tell her story and process what has happened to her.

Chapter 2

• Susie describes heaven for the reader, which is filled with people who are all experiencing their own version of heaven. Susie's is filled with things a 14-year-old girl would enjoy, like classes with no teachers, ice cream shops, only art and music classes, and no rude boys to deal with.

• Susie...

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