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Chapter 1

• Georgie is at the library trying to make the pain in his back go away. He is beat by his mother's boyfriend.

• The librarian asks Georgie to bring back his garden to book to be re-checked out. He can't read it, but the pictures calm him down.
• Georgie hates going to school. He has repeated the first grade two times, but he still can't read. His teacher hates him and ignores him.

• He gets bullied and gets in fights to explain the bruising he gets from being beat by Steve. He once lit a fire under his teacher's car.
• He has to hide when Steve comes over to keep from being beat. He doesn't tell anyone about the abuse because he is afraid they will kill him.

• His mother is an alcoholic, and often forgets to feed Georgie. He asks her for some money and goes grocery...

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