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Dave Pelzer
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Short Answer Questions

1. Later in the evening, when David and Big Larry got into trouble, who did David try to call?

2. What does his mother make the boy do in order to prove he didn't steal any food?

3. On the way to his trial, David wonders what will happen to his...?

4. Who catches the boy stealing and calls the police?

5. What does David have trouble making at Aunt Mary's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. In New Beginnings, what does Tony do for David?

2. In The Run Away Chapter, why does David thrive for the hours he is away from the house?

3. After David's custody trial, what does he say to Ms. Gold?

4. In An Angel named Ms. Gold, why did David feel he should be placed in jail?

5. When the judge asked David where he wanted to live, David became overwhelmed by two emotions towards his mother. What were they?

6. What is Ms. Gold's response in The Trial when David asks what will happen to his brothers?

7. When David first arrived at Aunt Mary's, what was his response to the other foster children when they asked "what he was in for?"

8. Why is the date August 21, 1973 important to David?

9. In the chapter entitled Adrift, what did David think when his visitor didn't show up at the appointed time?

10. After his mother's visit to Aunt Mary's, David changed the story he told Ms. Gold. Why did David change his story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When his mother hugged him, David said he wanted to hold onto what he felt at that moment forever. Explain why David would want to hold onto this moment. Were there any other instances of moments David wanted to relive? Why was this moment significant?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways do the chapter titles provide insights into the story's themes? Where the titles important? How do they help one understand what is happening in the story?

Essay Topic 3

On March 5, 1973, three years after David ran away, one of David's teachers alerted authorities of David's abuse. Describe the process David had to endure after his case was reported to authorities.

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