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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the occupation of David's Father?
(a) He was a doctor.
(b) He was a teacher.
(c) He was a firefighter.
(d) He was a police officer.

2. Where did David have to go after he was blamed for John's plan?
(a) He had to go to the store.
(b) He had to go to the Hill.
(c) He had to go to his mother's house.
(d) He had to go to Ms. Gold's house.

3. What was David's father afraid would happen if his co-workers found out his son started a fire?
(a) He was afraid they would tease him.
(b) He was afraid it would hurt his career.
(c) He was afraid they would stop talking to him.
(d) He was afraid they would throw him a party.

4. What does David work hard to do when he first arrives at the Hill?
(a) David works hard to cause fights.
(b) David works hard to stay away from trouble.
(c) David works hard to receive good grades.
(d) David works hard to please his mother.

5. Who called David the day before he left for the Air Force?
(a) His mother.
(b) Ms. Gold.
(c) His father.
(d) Alice.

Short Answer Questions

1. While living with the Jones, David becomes best friends with what person?

2. What did Lilian tell David about his turtle on the ride home to The Cantanzes' house?

3. What did David's new psychiatrist feel David would benefit from reading?

4. How does David feel when he's moved to the new wing at the Hill?

5. What realization did David have after meeting with his father in the "Break Away" chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who told David that they would do whatever it takes to help him?

2. Late in the chapter entitled The Defiant One, after David returns to the Catanze's for the second time, what one fact does David cling to when Rudy is yelling at him?

3. Why did David feel responsible for the Nulls' divorce?

4. How does David react to the school secretary's remarks about foster children?

5. What is "The Hill?"

6. In the Break Away chapter, David was living with the Turnboughs again. Did David ever go back and visit his friends on Duinsmoore Drive?

7. In the Estranged chapter, David meets his brother and they decide to meet again the next day. Describe in detail what happened when David tried to find his brother after school the next day.

8. In the Break Away chapter, David visits the Russian River once again. What did David take with him, and why was it important?

9. When David goes to court, what does his lawyer tell the judge?

10. David is again placed with the Turnboughs. David informs Alice that this is where he belongs. One day David realizes that he cannot preform a simple life skills task, and begs Alice to teach him. What was the task, and what happened when David attempted the task?

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