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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. David is sent to live with Harold and Alice Turnbough. What aren't The Turnboughs licensed for?
(a) They are not licensed to take girls.
(b) They are not licensed to drive.
(c) They are not licensed to take boys.
(d) They are not licensed to have foster children,

2. What was David's father afraid would happen if his co-workers found out his son started a fire?
(a) He was afraid it would hurt his career.
(b) He was afraid they would stop talking to him.
(c) He was afraid they would throw him a party.
(d) He was afraid they would tease him.

3. How does David describe the new neighborhood that he and his foster family move to in the "Coming Around" chapter?
(a) He calls it 'The Trailerpark.'
(b) He calls it 'The Cookie-cutter.'
(c) He calls it 'The Ghetto.'
(d) He calls it 'The Leave it to Beaver' neighborhood.

4. What do David and his brother agree to do the following day?
(a) They agree to meet again.
(b) They agree to run away.
(c) They agree to never speak again.
(d) They agree to become friends.

5. What did Johnny Jones dare David to do?
(a) Steal an airplane from Walgreen's.
(b) Steal a pen from their teacher.
(c) Steal a magazine from the book store.
(d) Steal a beer from the grocery store.

Short Answer Questions

1. When David is 15, he feels that the countdown to his 18th birthday has begun. He knows when he is 18 he will have to leave the foster care system. What step does David take to prepare for this event?

2. Where did David have to go after he was blamed for John's plan?

3. Where did David have to sleep at The Turnboughs?

4. What did David's mother stand up and shout during the hearing?

5. Who did David think of when he was aboard a 747 heading for his new life?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information did Uncle Lee give to David about Stephen, his father?

2. When David becomes a model student at the Hill, what does he achieve?

3. Late in the chapter entitled The Defiant One, after David returns to the Catanze's for the second time, what one fact does David cling to when Rudy is yelling at him?

4. Why did David join the Air Force?

5. Where did David go after the Johnny Jones incident?

6. What is "The Hill?"

7. When living with the Turnboughs, why did David have an issue with Bruce?

8. Why did David feel responsible for the Nulls' divorce?

9. In the Mother's Love chapter, whose house did David refer to as his home?

10. Who told David that they would do whatever it takes to help him?

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