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Dave Pelzer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was David's response when the judge asked him where he would like to live?
(a) David says he wants to live with Ms. Gold.
(b) David says he wants to live with the judge.
(c) David says he wants to live with his father.
(d) David says he wants to live with his mother.

2. David says he used to like school, but he now hates it. Why does David hate school?
(a) He doesn't like his homework.
(b) He doesn't like his teachers.
(c) They don't give him enough homework.
(d) It takes away from his playtime.

3. Before David goes to court, his mother comes to his foster home to visit. David regresses back to "The Boy," and is amazed because someone stands up to Mother when she says he is a bad boy. Who stands up for him?
(a) Ms. Gold.
(b) Father.
(c) The other foster children.
(d) Aunt Mary.

4. How does Lilian punish David when he breaks her rules?
(a) She locks him in a room.
(b) She makes him sleep in the garage.
(c) She grounds him.
(d) She beats him.

5. David and the other children at Aunt Mary's house like to steal what items from the grocery store?
(a) Magazines.
(b) Books.
(c) Candy bars.
(d) Toys.

6. What did David's mother say at the trial?
(a) She said she loved David.
(b) She said she did abuse him.
(c) She said nothing.
(d) She said David was bad.

7. David is used to stealing food, who does he begin to steal food from while at Aunt Mary's?
(a) His classmates.
(b) His teachers.
(c) The other foster children.
(d) Aunt Mary.

8. What did David continue to believe despite what everyone told him?
(a) That he was good and deserved more gifts.
(b) That he was bad and deserved punishment.
(c) That he was happy and his lies worked.
(d) That Ms. Gold didn't care about him.

9. What did David discover when Big Larry and he returned home?
(a) That he was not allowed to be friends with Big Larry.
(b) That he was not allowed to have contact with his mother.
(c) That he was not allowed to talk to Lilian.
(d) That he was not allowed to ride his bike.

10. Who tells the boy "It hasn't the guts to go?"
(a) Sister.
(b) Brother.
(c) Mother.
(d) Father.

11. Where did the boy often have to sit for hours?
(a) The kitchen table.
(b) The front porch.
(c) The couch.
(d) The basement stairs.

12. What did David feel like towards his family as he rode to his trial?
(a) A liar.
(b) A hero.
(c) A fool.
(d) A traitor.

13. David hugs his mother good-bye after his trial. How did David feel about the hug?
(a) He felt it was sincere.
(b) He felt it was fake.
(c) He felt nothing.
(d) He felt like it was a mistake.

14. Why doesn't David want Ms. Gold to tell the court about his abuse?
(a) He's afraid his mother will hurt him.
(b) She was the one abusing him.
(c) She told him she was going to lie.
(d) He told her lies.

15. How did David's mother react at the trial?
(a) She gave him up without a fight.
(b) She denied everything and blamed it all on David.
(c) She was arrested and thrown in jail.
(d) She was happy to have him out of her life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Later in the evening, when David and Big Larry got into trouble, who did David try to call?

2. How old was the boy when he was first placed into foster care?

3. What doesn't the psychiatrist allow David to do?

4. What did David's mother threaten to do if Lilian couldn't control David?

5. Who was Ms. Gold?

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